Jan 1, 2011

What's for dinner tonight.

Today I'm trying a new recipe from A year of slow cooking. I love this lady's blog, a few years ago she made a New Year's resolution to use her crockpot every single day. I've made many of her recipes, and every single one has been a hit with my family. I took the plunge today and finally ordered her new book. I can't wait to get it in the mail!
I love my crock pot. I use it at least 3 times per week. When I was a single parent I used it 5-6 times per week. I would use my lunch break from work to go home and throw something in. It saved the nightly what's for dinner question, saved us from stopping for fast food, and most importantly saved my minuscule single parent budget! Oh man, that seems a lifetime ago...

Back to tonight's recipe. We are having Margarita Chicken. I had all the ingredients in my kitchen except for one. Chicken. Not one to let a tiny little thing like not having the main ingredient deter me, I just used a pork loin instead. We'll see how it turns out in about 4 hours. I plan on serving mine with quinoa and a salad.


Tia said...

So, how was it? I made Mexican Bean Soup in the crock pot last night, planning for it to last me this whole week, and Nevaeh has already eaten 3 bowls. :)

MonkeMama said...

It was good! There were no leftovers. All her recipes are good.