Jun 24, 2009

Father's Day camping

For Father's Day this year all Hoss wanted was to take his family camping. How easy is that? We found a little campground not far from home, only about 30 miles. We had planned to leave midday Friday and return Sunday afternoon or early evening. That's not quite how the weekend played out.

We didn't leave town until about 6pm Friday. We had to take a little detour to the E.R. because Akira broke her arm. She fell down the basement staircase. Her arm looked...weird. It swelled up immediately so we put ice on it. By the time we got to the hospital the swelling was very minimal and she said she wasn't really hurting that badly. I thought it was just a sprain and we were wasting our time at the hospital. But turns out it was broken clear through from one side of her bone to the other. I keep forgetting I haven't gone to medical school. Luckily she will only have to keep her cast on for 3 weeks. She is very disappointed that she can't ride her bike or rollerblades or scooter during that time. At this point I figured our camping trip would be in our backyard but the ER doc ok'd us to go as long as Akira didn't swim or hike and we took along plenty of Motrin.

Yeah, off to the mountains. Anakin wasn't with us this weekend. She went to Buena Vista with a friend. We took Akira's bff and she was very good and even a big help with Kiwi. We had great weather the first night. I was a little worried that we would be setting up camp in the dark but Hoss and E and myself got the tent up and dinner started pretty quickly. We were all on our second smores by dark. Kiwi had a rough night. He wasn't very impressed with the sleeping arrangements. I thought he would be stoked considering he got to sleep inbetween Mommy and Daddy. He didn't sleep very well. I think next time we will pack his playpen or just give him his own sleeping bag. We'll have to figure that out before the next trip. We woke up to a dreary looking Saturday morning. It wasn't raining but there wasn't much sun either. Not a big deal, we all brought warm clothes. I managed to read an entire People magazine while Kiwi napped and the kids made some friends at the playground. We just sat around in our chairs watching the chipmunks and hummingbirds flit around us. My husband is definitely an outdoorsman. That was the happiest and most relaxed I've seen him in awhile. He got to fish for about 20 minutes before it started to storm. If it was just rain we would have been ok, but the rain was accompanied by some pretty scary lightening. We ended up coming home early Saturday night. I think we were sitting down to some Little Caesars by 5:30.

Oh well, there's always next time.

Setting up camp

Playing a round of lasso golf

There's a Kiwi under there.

K's new cast.