Feb 9, 2011

The girl is crafty like ice is cold.

She's crafty and she's just my type, she's craft-ayyy. Quick, name that tune!
Of course I'm referring to arts and crafts not exactly what MCA, Adrock and Mike D had in mind in their song.


I was attacked by the crafty bug this afternoon. It helped that my mom was in town to fend off the 2 year old from getting into the glitter. She succeeded in doing that but failed by letting him eat 8 or so homemade snicker doodles for dinner. Grandmubbers- gotta love em'.

I am not a crafty person. I found both of these crafts online although I can't remember where.

My 12 year old and I made this first wreath together.

A 'sweet' little wreath.

It's rather one dimensional. Next time I'll use an actual wreath shaped do-hickey as the base. I didn't have one and really wanted to do this tonight so I just traced a plate on cardboard and used that. It'll do.

Piece of spare cardboard.

Traced a regular size dinner plate.

Traced a dirty Tupperware lid that just happened to be on the counter.

We just cut out the circle shape then hot glued sweethearts all around. Take as many breaks as necessary to run your fingers under cold water. Note: hot glue gun is in fact hot.

Then I made these while simultaneously Skyping (haha, spell check wants me to write sky diving) and attempting to keep dogs from eating the fresh from the oven snicker doodle I was balancing on my knee.

Aww, I <3 U too!

Simple wooden letters first painted red.

Then glued together after dog steps on it and breaks it.

  Then glue glitter on the letters, glue letters to scrapbook paper and set back in the frame without the glass.

So pretty.

So cute. Dollar store frames + .19 cents on sale scrapbook paper + Walmart clearance letters = cheap crafty fun for Monkemama!

I also made this to keep my shivering, skinny pup warm.

So festive.

Whew! I'm exhausted from all that knitting. Yeah right! Found this sweater in Walmart's clearance section also. You weren't fooled for a minute were ya?

The more weight she loses, the bigger her head looks, which makes her sad puppy dog eyes look even more pathetic. I'm pretty sure she's milking her illness for all it's worth. I'm ok with that.

She started chemo treatments today. Notice the matching pink bandage? Even while fighting cancer a lady still accessorizes.

Here's one more piece of trivia before I leave -

 "You have a problem with arts and crafts little man?"

"He's a giant robot. It's a little undignified."

Quick! Name that movie!

Here's a hint:

I've seen this movie approximately 1,573 times. It's Kiwi's favorite.

Feb 2, 2011

What I ate today

This is a really bad day to decide to link up to a food party post. Jennifer at Peas and Crayons is a very healthy eater and such an inspiration. I had already decided to do it though so, oh well. I had a really, horrible, no good, very bad day so my food choices weren't the best. I've not yet conquered the how-to or want-to for that matter when it comes to emotional eating. Or not eating based on emotions. See what I mean?

The day started out ok:

Organic yogurt, organic pumpkin seed, flax granola, a cup of the world's best tea!

Seriously, this tea is so good. I've almost completely weaned myself off coffee. Almost. When I do have a cup I'm at least down to cream, no sugar.

Then the day went south. Way south. You've got to be kidding me-I just got punched in the gut-knock me over with a feather-excuse me? what did you say?-totally and completely blindsided-kind of south.

I took my dog to the vet because she had been rapidly losing weight and then quit eating and drinking all together. She's never been, how shall we say...super active. She's a Boston Terrier and they're known for not doing well in extreme temps. That means when it's hot out she's extra hot and when it's cold, she's extra cold. I think she uses that as an excuse to not exercise more than necessary. She has always been a fan of her beauty sleep but lately had been sleeping all the live long day.

Have a look at the sweet little thing I'm talking about:

Ahh, I could just pinch her!

Back to what I ate. I was so upset after the vet appointment that I didn't eat lunch. I didn't drink water. I simply crawled into a ball on the couch and snuggled with my sick furbaby and let tears and snot fall all over the both of us. Such non-appetizing visuals for a post about food.

Anywho, here's dinner:

Phone picture, not the best.

Nachos. And lots of them. I think I had 3 plates. At least they were fairly healthified nachos. They are made with Tostitos Roasted garlic and black bean chips, shredded chicken boob (haha, thanks Mr. Peas & Crayons), fresh red & orange peppers, fresh tomatoes, black beans, and of course cheese. Instead of sour cream I put a little dollop of Greek yogurt on top. Yum! Also had just plain bagged iceberg salad. No dressing, I used a little lemon juice and hot sauce.

Then I called my husband and told him about the horrible no good very bad day I had and asked him to please bring me home a drink. I needed something strong.

Cherry Pepsi - the heavy stuff.

I had given up soda. Completely.  But as soon as I found out my dog has cancer, lymphoma to be exact it was immediately what I craved! I'm so weak. I guess there are worse things I could turn to. Maybe. Soda is so bad. For  every part of my body. My dog has cancer and I don't care though. Not today.

There ya go. My first What I Ate today post. It stunk. I'll do better next week. Now let me link up my post to Jennifer's link party and inspire all of her readers with my sad sad day.