Jan 3, 2011

Day 2 and I'm ready for a nap!

Today I tackled the desk. Well, only the top of the desk. It's almost as if the Bowl full of Lemons lady knows me. I think she's starting off slow so some of us participating in the challenge don't run screaming from our computers. Baby steps. I'm a big fan of baby steps. I'm also a big fan of getting my clutter under control so I'm fully committed to finishing this 21 day challenge. 2 days down! Stops typing for a moment to pat herself on the back. 

Don't judge.

So I unloaded everything from the top of the desk. Well, I left the printer and phone, but everything else got moved. I resisted the urge to just make one giant sweep with my arm over all the crap clutter.

Then I made it shine like the top of the Chrysler building! Can you name that movie?

Here came the hard part. Sorting through everything. I had one box for Donate, one for Keep and a trash bag for well...trash. Only a few things landed in the Donate box. (eensy weensy baby steps) Then I sorted through the Keep box. This took hours. It took longer because I had this feverish little monkey helping me:

Cute little Monkey!

I did however fill this trash bag. GO ME!

I'm so excited about all the stuff I found buried on that desk!

One of my favorite pics of my now 12 year old and myself.

My ipod holder. They still keep calling me Mom.

A gift card we bought (and promptly lost) as a thank you gift. NOW I remember where I put it!

Here are some much improved after pictures!

A nice snug home for my baby mac.

The basket holds tape, sticky notes & paper clips.  

Printer paper, bill holder, pencil jar, a few fave pics and an old Mother's Day gift.

My printer that looks new after I dusted him, another Mother's Day gift, and that cute little framed picture.

All finished!

I may actually pay bills here now instead of hauling the bill caddy to the couch.

I'm totally pumped for Day 3, bring it on!


Anonymous said...

Great Job!

Tia said...


:) Did I win?

Good job on the desk. I am wondering though, where is the stack of old People magazines? Perhaps in the mail on the way to moi? You know, if you don't include a note or anything they qualify for media mail which is quite cheap.

Just sayin'

April Sullivan said...

Great job! I used to have that desk and had a love/hate relationship with it. Loved the huge pull-out work space, but hated organizing it. Your post {almost} makes me sorry for selling it.

Robyn said...

Love your ipod holder! Great job! Now go treat yourself to a dinner with your giftcard.

Twigs and Twirls said...

Great transformation !!!

Marlene said...

My goodness sakes, I can hardly wait to see this Monday :) Get out of town, okay, I think you and Tace come spend 1 week, just one week with Momma in FL, we clean house :) You's need to help me figure this out, I volunteer Chels to fly to PIT to babysit the kids there, and she can take Kel and V with her, they can play with the cousins, we give you a drink with an umbrella in it for the round trip, and it's all good!!!!!