Aug 21, 2009

We're going back, back, back to school!

Why I love summer break: no setting my alarm (I still get up early with the baby, but not as early)

no packing school lunches

doing whatever we feel like doing all day- no schedules

spending time with the kids

watching them bring home a bucket full of crayfish from the creek

walking to Russell Stovers to have ice cream for lunch

spending all day in my pj's if I feel like it (while secretly being terrified that someone will stop by unannounced and think I do that everyday)

movie marathons

seeing my Dad and Grandma


park days

watching the kids play with the neighbor kids, being thankful that they have good friends and are good friends in return

lemonade stands

bike rides

dandelion bouquets from my kids

seeing how excited my husband is about camping

Why I don't love summer break:

it's hot

having the neighbor kids ring my doorbell 36 times everyday to see if the kids can come play

hearing my son scream in horror because the dogs just ate all the crayfish out of the bucket

swim suit season

roly poly farms in my tupperware

getting frustrated and overwhelmed easily because the kids are home ALL DAY LONG (I've been known to hide in my car in the garage)

sweaty little boy smell

nursing bee stings

crying when my Dad leaves

7 a.m. swim meets.

Here's to another fabulous school year!