Jan 11, 2011

Day 6 Challenge- Them dirty drawers!

You must say that with a southern accent! Think Brenda Lee in The Closer.

Lot's of pictures today. Lots accomplished today.

This before picture is a little embarrassing:

Squint real hard and you can make out the top of my dresser.

Commence the emptying and purging of Le Crap!  I cleaned off EVERYTHING, dusted, and started making piles. My entire bedroom floor was covered. In clothes, not dust, just to clarify.
Dust rag- yuck!

Fave pics of my husband. Isn't he cute doing crossing guard duty?

Candles are my friend! Lighting is everything in this room ;)

Gift from Santa. The dock, not the iPod.
 I bought the iPod myself. Cue Destiny's Child here- All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me!

Some decor.
 I don't like my dresser too empty. It reminds me of when we were selling our first house and had to remove any personal effects. I like my house to look lived in.

Buh- bye!
 Those are all dollar store and homemade gifts from the kids that I get for Mother's Day and my birthday and Christmas, and, and, and. They are all over my house and I love them but I've decided to relocate them to my curio cabinet in in the living room.

Behold, a dresser!

 Now onto those drawers!

My br*ssiere drawer before.
 I wear the same 4 br*'s over and over again so this drawer is almost all going to donate! Wonder what that gray towel is doing in there?

My fancy schmancy jewelry roll up.
One day I'll get a real one, but for now the towel/rubber band system works for me! This is temporarily holding the jewelry I don't want in my jewelry box because my 2 year old really likes to dig around in there lately. I don't have much real jewelry but the few pieces I do have mean a lot to me!

Br*ssieres after!

My workout clothes drawer before.

Work out clothes after!

Hello, IKEA cubbies.

 I'm using the cubbies above for my socks and undi*s. I matched all my socks and trashed a lot of unders! I'm a big thrift store shopper but I draw the line at buying second hand unders so I just threw mine in the trash. I can neither confirm or deny if I just now got rid of maternity undi*s.

Pj's before.
 I'm finally giving away my maternity pj's. My husband will not be sad to see those leave. I, on the other hand will shed a small tear. They are so comfortable! They are so big on me though that they tend to fall down when I 'm walking around in them.
Bye lovelies!

Newly condensed albeit a little wrinkly pj drawer!

The fun drawer before :)
 I was holding onto much of my ling*rie because most of it I received as gifts at my bridal shower. That was almost 5 years ago! So got rid of what doesn't fit and kept only what does.

Ready to play name that tune? "Victoria's Secret, well their stuffs real nice. But I can buy the same damn thing on a Walmart shelf half price and still look sexy, just as sexy as those models on TV. No, I don't need no designer tag to make my man want me."

That was fun! Sorry, got a little sidetracked there, back to the challenge!

Gift hiding drawer. That box holds a Tim Tebow jersey for my son, shh...don't tell.

I feel an explanation is necessary for those disgusting Vienna Sausages. Those belong to my husband. I forgot they were even in there. I can't even stand the smell of them. I buy them once a year for his Christmas stocking and these are the extras. He eats them straight from the can- urp!

I found a different hiding place for gifts and found this in return:

Gasp! An entire empty drawer! Oh the possibilities.

But really I just moved my jeans from the closet to the empty drawer.

 Wow! That was a lot of hard work but also very therapeutic! I think it looks great too! I purged a TON of old stuff today. My donate pile is rapidly growing. I was going to make a trip to Goodwill later in the week but now I think I'll hold onto it until after the challenge is over and take one final group picture!

Thanks to Toni over at A Bowl Full of Lemons for hosting this challenge. It is so much fun and long overdue for my house!


Jennifer said...

Ohmygosh you literally made me laugh out loud!

Love the decor and great job girlie!!!!! =) How amazing is it to have super organized drawers!? I love getting dressed now that I know where it all is! =)

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Tia said...

You are funny Monke. I cannot believe you posted a pic of the fun drawer. SAdly, that was probably the most organized drawer in my entire house. Hmm. Lets not figure out why.

I cannot believe you went all Gretchen on your blog you dork. :)

Great job!

Lisa said...

Hey Mon, here is one for you. My closet is organized by color. very true, if you look in my closet it i sa beautiful rainbow. LOL! Scott threatens to mess it all up one day. If he values his life I doubt he will.