Sep 19, 2009

Who needs drugs, we've got silly putty

Update on Bleu's school behavior. An idea that came out of the brainstorming was to homeschool him. I don't really want to homeschool, he doesn't want to be homeschooled either. At least not by me. I told him he has until October 1 to show some serious improvement or he will begin homeschooling October 2. This has totally lit a fire under that skinny little butt of his! I have seen an entirely different kid this week. His teacher has also seen this new kid. I haven't had to remind him to stay on task while getting ready in the morning. He gets out of bed the first time I call him, he is down to breakfast quickly and is even getting his backpack ready without a reminder. He even got a positive referral from school on Friday for having all his homework turned in A DAY EARLY and completing his classwork during the assigned time! So I've learned the secret to modify a childs unfocused behavior: just threaten to homeschool him! Huh- who knew? His teacher is also allowing him to keep a wad of silly putty in his desk. He kind of kneads it with his free hand while she is explaining a lesson or giving instructions and instead of being a distraction it is actually helping him to concentrate better. Not sure what that is about, but we'll just go with it.

Sep 14, 2009

Drugs are not the answer.

I recently had a conversation with my sons' 4th grade teacher about Bleu's lack of concentration in class. She thinks he has a problem. Apparently serious enough for her to suggest medical intervention. Now I know that he is a scatterbrain, (please, of course I know this, I am his mother), but I wonder- doesn't every parent of a boy know the same truth? It's just how boys are. They aren't programmed to sit at a desk all day. He isn't made that way. He needs to be active and engaged, not just reading from a textbook or listening to a lesson. I'm not going to make excuses for him either. He does need to be respectful of his teacher and classmates. He knows that being a student is his job, and only he can take responsibility for his behavior and his actions. My boy is so creative, and smart, and funny. I am not going to medicate my son so that he will be easier to deal with as a student. Nope, not going to happen. We are super organized here at home when it comes to schoolwork. Each child has a cubby area for their school work and all things school related. I do tend to be more strict than most parents. I tell my son often that I've already graduated from 4th grade, this is his job. It's not my problem that he forgot to turn in his homework or forgot to have his planner signed. I don't just completely make him fend for himself but I am not going to hold his hand to school to make sure he turns his work in either. So, I am going to try to offer a few more reminders here at home and before he leaves for school each morning. I am going to have to brainstorm some ideas to help him. I know we can make this work.