Jan 28, 2006

My Student Council Star

Anakin got voted into Student Council! She is so proud. She ran last year but didn't get enough votes. She was of course, disappointed, but tried again. She was walking around the house practicing her speech for days. I think I could have rehearsed it by memory after about the 3rd day. I am so proud. She thinks it's cool that she started student council in the same grade that I was in. She has quite the social calendar already. She is in basketball 3 mornings a week, and student council meetings every Tuesday, and she is in the yearbook club one day a week after school. Akira also keeps herself busy at school. There have been a few notes sent home about her talking in class. When I ask her about it this has been her reply: "But Mommy, my friends and I don't have enough time to talk to each other!" Any ideas? This is going to come as quite a shock to some of you...she is in Art and Drama Club!!! Who'd ever guess?! Only anyone who has known her for at least 20 seconds! My dad has been warning me about her since she was about 3 months old. She got a guitar for Christmas and is absolutely loving it. Most days she can be found on our front porch with her piggy bank next to her, trying to earn tips! Seriously.

Elijah Bleu

6! My baby is 6. I feel as if he is leaving for college! If I close my eyes for just a tad too long, he will be gone. On the other hand, he still thinks he's going to marry his mommy when he grows up, so maybe I have a little more time. We didn't really have a party. I didn't feel like I had the energy to pull it off. Eli invited one friend, Ben, and we went to McDonald's. This was a bigger treat than it sounds, because usually if we go to McD's its only the drive thru and only the dollar menu. All the kids got Happy Meals and we sat inside and played for about two hours. The kids had fun, I left with a headache- signs of a good party! Mom flew into town that weekend so that was nice. Ben also had a birthday that weekend so we went to his party at Casa Bonita. It was the same day as the Bronco playoff game, so that was really fun, watching people steal glances at their watches. Had to get home in time for the game!!! If you ask Eli how old he is now, he will tell you "I'm almost 7!"

Jan 5, 2006

Happy New Year

I almost forgot to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope everyone had fun and was safe. After 5 years, Hoss and I actually got to ring in the New Year together for once. It was fun. I'm ready to take 2006 by the horns and wrestle this baby to the ground. Have set some goals, nothing with too high of expectations. I've already given up all my vices, so there isn't too much left. Unless of course anyone has some ideas, feel free to not weigh in. Here is the list:

1. This year I will read 5 more books then I did last year.
2. I will let down my guard, well maybe just lower it a little.
3. I will put laundry away as it is finished, no more digging through baskets.
4. I will take serious steps towards owning, not renting.
5. I will not go over my cell phone minutes.
6. I will be a better friend, no more hermit-ism.
7. I will continue to pray for my Dad's salvation.
8. I will volunteer less.
9. I will take a vacation.
10. I will get my Christmas cards out on time.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Graves Disease

Well, all the test results are in and my vampire doctor has had enough. I've been told I have Graves Disease. This is not a life-threatening disease, unless it goes untreated. This affects about 1% of the population, mostly women in childbearing years. The shoe fits. I have been studying Graves disease, and I've got to be honest, I'm a little relieved. It's nice to know I haven't been going crazy for the past few years. All the signs and symptoms are like reading a story of my life. I am on some new medication that is "helping" the symptoms. It makes me very nauseous. Imagine morning sickness x 10! So if you see me walking around with a bag of Saltines, don't worry. This is the 2nd auto-immune disease I've been diagnosed with in 2 years, so I am now seeing an Endocronologist. Also have learned how to take my own blood pressure, and I take my temp daily (orally of course). I have been taking 10 pills everyday, this is to prep my body for a Radioactive Iodine treatment that will basically kill off my thyroid and then I will be on Thyroid medicine for the rest of my life. I would like to investigate this procedure further before I consent to it. My new Dr would like to have this done within the next 6 weeks. So just thought I'd send an update. All is well on the homefront, the kids are getting real good at making their own dinner. Just kidding, kinda. Love and kisses to everyone.

Jan 4, 2006

Ashes of my ex-husband

I absolutely can't stand it when I get mail at my house addressed to my ex! A small thing I know, but still, it bugs me. That man has never lived here. This is MY home that I have made since my life with him ended. These stinkin companies that throw all this bulk junk mail into any old mailbox, they need to stop sending it to mine. Hey, send me all the junk mail you want, I've invested in a shredder- but it better be addressed to me, me, me. Nothing pisses me off more than the very thought of that man. As Hoss tells me 'Better to be pissed off then pissed on'. I've been told it's because I haven't forgiven him. Not so. I just can't stand when the bad guy wins. Stupidity should be painful, if you ask me.