Jan 17, 2011

The "Medicine" Cabinet

We don't use much medicine in this house. If my kids get a fever I let it burn, if they get a sniffle we load up on foods full of vitamin C, if they have a sore throat we turn to honey and hot lemon. Now that's just our kids and myself. My husband is a different story. There is no over-the-counter fix he doesn't like.

But we do have a closet with a shelf dedicated to all the extra toiletries and such.

All scattered about.
Today's challenge took all of 4 minutes. Good because I'm a few days behind.

Nice and neat and grouped together.

I used one bin for shampoos and all things hair, another bin for medicines, witch hazel, peroxide type of stuff, another bin for tooth paste, floss and extra toothbrushes, and yet another bin for bandages, gauze and first aid hoozitwhatzits.


Hmmm, spell check won't recognize hoozitwhatzits. What gives?

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Jennifer said...

Nice and neat! =) I didn't have much either so I skipped this challenge. oops! bad jenn!

Hope you're having a great Sunday! Thanks for entering my giveaway! Best of luck! <3