Jan 24, 2011

Beans and rice, rice and beans

I've got to find a way to get our food budget under control. Well, that's not exactly true. That would imply it's out of control and really it's not. I just know I can spend less and still feed my family healthy, quality food. The less I spend is that much more we can throw towards our last debt. As soon as the last debt is paid off my husband and I get to call into the Dave Ramsey show and s-c-r-e-a-m as loud as we can "We're Debt Free!" No debt, zip, zero, zilch, nada. We are almost there. Slaves to debt no more. The only debt we have left is what we are paying off from selling our house. So close! I can almost taste it.

Oh right, speaking about taste- how to feed my family of six on less. Any ideas?

The easiest answer I can come up with is to:
-simplify the meals I make. We don't need 3 courses at dinner every night.
-go vegetarian a couple times per week. (I know a certain 6'7 someone who may dig in his heels at this idea.)
-rotate the simple dinners that I know everyone likes and serve them more often. I get stuck in a rut sometimes because I feel like I have to come up with a new exciting dinner 30 times every month.
-I already buy in bulk at I{heart}Costco, I need to use up what we have before I head there and bring home another truck load.
- find creative ways to use leftovers.

Today I will consider my time spent on the internet as research. Research on how to frugally feed my famished family. Say that 5 times fast!


Tia said...


I get her weekly emails and yesterday I went to the store & got free maalox (i'll donate that), 2 mccormick spices for $0.39 each. Thats thirty nine cents. Insane. and 1 bottle of kens salad dressing (healthy, no hfcs and comes in glass bottles for about 70 cents.

You and Mr. Monke should look into buying a whole hog & cow from a local farmer. That would save you a lot too.

Jennifer said...

I've found that making a little extra and freezing it helps stretch my food budget a ton! I grew up with a big family and we wasted so much money on frozen convenience meals... I wish I could go back in time and teach my mom what I just learned this past year or two!

the website lovefoodhatewaste.com has some great ideas for using up leftovers and meal planning for sure helps too! <3

you can do it!!! =)

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons