Jan 9, 2011

Day 4* - Feeling Better

The rest of the folks doing the challenge are on day 7 but half of my household got hit hard by a head cold. Combine that with my 2 year old's first ear infection, first sick child visit and first round of antibiotics ever and we've been a bit overwhelmed here. Everybody is finally feeling better though so I'm trying to catch up with the organizing. I did escape one afternoon and put my time out of the house to good use. I hit the Dollar store and Walmart and loaded up on a ton of organizing bins and caddies.

Day 4 is the Linen closet. I technically didn't have a linen closet before today. I have the closet in the hallway near the main bathroom that holds towels and washcloths. All the spare bedding was housed in each individual bedroom. I have 2 sets each of sheets, pillow cases, and blankets for each bed in the house. I do that in hopes that my children would be inclined to change the sheets on their beds more often. It's simple really- when you strip the bed of dirties, just put the clean set on and throw the used set down in the laundry room. Just the other day though I asked my oldest daughter when the last time she had changed her sheets and couldn't believe the answer, so...I took full advantage of today's challenge to make a linen closet. With everything in one place, I will be better able to keep track of who is and who isn't changing sheets.

Now, where to put it? We have 3 closets in our master bedroom so I am going to use this one:

Pretend before picture.

Full disclosure time. This isn't the exact closet I'm going to use but my husband was excited to help and he cleared everything out of the other closet before I had a chance to take a before picture. It's identical to this one except it stored boxes (about 4!) of stuff from his childhood and parts to our toddler's crib. It was just as crowded as this one, so use your imagination.

Then I yelled at kindly asked my kids to bring me all their spare, clean bedding. Only my 12 year old could find hers. Hmm...

"Oh, since you're already here, help me fold these sheets please!" She was more than happy to :)

When the rest of the spare bedding comes back from the wash, it will now have a home here:

Hi Minnie!

Spare blankets, beach towels, pillow cases.

Twin sheets, king sheets and the basket has a heating pad and a travel pillow.

I also used the top shelf for an extra duffel bag and Kiwi's travel suitcase. It had been in his room but he keeps stuffing all his socks and underwear in it. Now it's way out of his reach.

I'm off to catch up on the rest of the Challenge!

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Tia said...

Wow! K & hubs helped? Great job Monke!