Jan 14, 2011

Day 12 - I {heart} cumin.

Today's organizing challenge was the spice cupboard. I'm glad I had already done that as part of my pantry switcheroo, so I took some time to catch up on laundry today. I had to, with all the deep organizing I've been doing, my regular housework is being neglected.
Here's proof:

Pretty sure 275 fire codes are being broken here.
  It's actually not as bad as it appears. My husband is 6'7, 300 pounds. His clothes just naturally make big piles. This only took me 3 loads to catch up on. Oh by the way- don't you love how instead of taking the hamper downstairs when he sees it overflowing, he just keeps piling his giant man clothes on top? Good thing I love him.

I digress. Here's my spices.

Messy, not functional.

  I emptied the drawer and spread everything out on my dining room table. I didn't have any old, expired spices only because I dumped all those when we moved 7 months ago.

Organizing and labeling.

Chia seeds.

The best spice! The smell of cumin actually cheers me up when I'm sad.

Anise, celery seed and other rarely used spices.

These spices I use almost daily.

 Everything is grouped together for what works for me in my kitchen. Then they get their own shelf in the pantry and i just grab the tote I need when I need it.


I'm off to fold some more clothes.


Tia said...

Nice! Love the ch ch ch chia! I was so planning on doing that too but now it would look like I was copying you even though u r copying vegan lady that closed down her blog. ;)

Marlene said...

I just wrote a book responding to how great a job you are doing, and it's gone??? Excellent job honey, I love you, my r/a is flared up so can't write long, You are such an encouragement, thank you for sharing this with your needy family, we are a mess :(
God is a God of order not chaos, and once I can spend some time where I actually live, I will follow suit!

MonkeMama said...

Tia- That was Green and Crunchy, man how I miss her posts! And no, I had said that before her, she just posted it first. That was the very first thing that popped into my head when Sarah Feldman introduced me to Chia seeds. It's just so obvious!

Tia said...

Green & Crunchy. I could NOT remember that for the life of me. :)