Jan 4, 2011

Day 3 - Easy Peasy!

Today's project is to tackle that Tupperware! This was easy for me because believe it or not the tupperware cupboard is one of the only places that really bugs me if it's messy. I try to organize it at least on a weekly basis. I don't put anything inside the cupboard unless it has a matching lid.

Not too shabby

I did take the time however to switch everything from one cupboard to another. Something I've been wanting to do but haven't taken the time. 

Nice and neat

I did steal borrow a basket from Kiwi's room until I can get to the $ store for a smaller, different colored one. Until then, this now holds those small, round containers that only seem to hold a few tablespoons of sauce, but I keep them because they do come in handy for kids lunches.

Just think, in about 18 more days I should have a sparkly, organized house. Now if only these  challenges could do something about the sibling bickering...


Lollipop Bouquets said...

you did a great job!

Toni said...

YOu take care of your baby and catch up when they are well!