Jan 10, 2011

Still trucking along

Day 5 for me, day 8 for others. I'm not giving up though. I thought we were out of the woods with the nasty head cold but my 12 year old stayed home from school today. I think it's time to double up on the green smoothies.

Headed under the kitchen sink today. No plumber crack in sight!

Even my two year old knows the routine by now, as soon as I got down on the floor and opened the cupboard he started to take everything out. Oh wait- first my before picture:

I {heart} Costco!

I wiped down the inside with some hot soapy water then put down some non-slip water resistant covering. Have a look see:

I even cut around the pipes.

Made a mistake while buying bins. I didn't account for the pipes. Is it just me or does my sink have more pipes than most? They were very hard to work around. I purchased a 3 drawer bin to hold my sponges and brushes but it didn't fit. I'm not gonna lie- I was bummed. Not too bummed though. I just used another bin I had.

Look closely, my helper left his hammer in there.

I'm not totally satisfied with it but it'll do for now. ("That'll do Donkey, that'll do" Name that movie!) I also bought a set of racks for the doors to hold my cleaning supplies but once I got them home I had second thoughts about putting the screws into the doors. (We rent) So I'm waiting to find the perfect over-the-door rack but until then- tada! It does look better. I added the dish rack to the donate pile since the only time it gets used is when my mom visits. I also put our recycling container under the sink. It used sit under our breakfast bar, next to the trash can. I like it better here though, it makes the kitchen look more tidy.

I bought some Shaklee products from our Organizing Challenge host over at A Bowl full of Lemons but I've yet to try them. I'm excited to see if they live up to the hype. Until then, I'll use up what I already have.

I'm a little overwhelmed because I'm behind in the challenge but I'm excited at what's happening so I'm determined to finish!


The Wellness Lady said...

Yes, I agree there are more pipes under there to deal with than you think when you get started. I had to improvise with my containers too. You'll love the Shaklee products. I've used them for over 18 years and they work so well. I'm doing all of my challenges with them.

Tia said...

I thought the exact same thing about all my pipes. Plus it was really gross when washing those yucky things off. *urp*

Shrek. Really!?

Looks very nice.