Aug 27, 2011

Insanely white teeth!

What is it with celebrities going crazy with the teeth whitening? I was watching an awards show and what caught my eye the most was all the over bleached teeth. It doesn't look good, heck it doesn't look natural at all.  It made me think of the Friends episode where Ross whitened his teeth to impress a first date but left the solution on longer than instructed and ended up with insanely white teeth that glowed under a black light. Who remembers that one? A classic.

I think having clean teeth shows the world that you care about your appearance and practice at least basic dental hygiene but having teeth that glow in the dark is taking it overboard. Just a teensy bit. I would think someone in their inner circle would mention how fake it looks. Another reason I'm glad I'm not famous. I don't have 'yes people'. If I had a see-from-space smile I know someone would tell me how ridiculous I look.

Who has a black light in 1999?!

I love that I haven't blogged in months and this topic is what makes me dust off the cobwebs and my laptop. I have no life.