Mar 15, 2009

Who will be on poop patrol?

The kids and I went to the Humane Society today and spent almost 5 hours there looking at dogs. I found 2 that I want to be mine so badly. I'm pretty sure I should wait till Hoss gets home but man was I tempted to bring them home NOW! Here are my reasons:

1. He would say yes anyway, I'd only have to ask.

2. He is gone so much, the pooch would be mainly my responsibility.

3. I'm still a little sore about him taking a job without talking to me about it 1st. (who me? hold a grudge? nah.)

It was so hard to leave without bringing at least 1 of them home. This coming from the girl that was terrified of dogs as a young girl. I still remember being bit on the butt by a little yippy thing in the 4th grade. *shudder at the memory*
Jazz is 14 and we both think it would be better to get a dog now while she is still with us rather than after. We keep telling ourselves it won't feel like she is being replaced if we do it that way. It is going to be so hard. Somedays she acts her age, very slow and tired and her back legs have started to give out on stairs. Other days she acts like a puppy and doesn't slow down. I remember when Hoss and I first got married, she would go on hunger strikes whenever he left town. She would lay by the front door of our townhome and refuse to eat until he returned. I think she was just pouting because I took over "her" recliner. Hoss had a matching set of leather recliners and one was his and the other belonged to her. She ignored me for the first 3 months of our marriage unless she was taking a moment to stick her tongue out at me. (I swear she used to do it!) Now she is my buddy. She is still Hoss' lap dog (only because he is the only one with a lap big enough to hold her) but she and I are close. She wasn't quite sure what to think of the dogs we visited today. One we will probably end up getting is a 5 yr old male blue heeler. A little overweight, but we can fix that by taking long walks. The other I fell in love with was an 8 year old male Boston Terrier. We need to hurry up and move out of the city so I can get them all! This is Snickers:
This is Domino:

I want him. *sigh*

Mar 11, 2009

A teenager in our midst.

Hoss is freaking out because Ana has started wearing makeup. Just eyeshadow and lip gloss, but still, he acts as if she just announced her engagement. It's funny, he keeps muttering something about having daughters and being a proud gun owner. She asked me first before she bought any and then I showed her how to not leave the house looking like a clown or streetwalker. Nobody ever showed me how to wear makeup so I'm sure there are plenty of pics in existance that show me looking like Bozo. She is the very last of her friends to start wearing make up. Hoss should be thankful it took this long. She is the only one of her friends who doesn't have a cell phone *gasp*! Some of her friends act as if she is being abused. I don't really have a problem with her having a cell phone, she just needs to get a job to pay for it herself. Pretty simple really. I do have a problem when I see the 1st graders at my kids' school pull out their phones as soon as the bell rings at the end of the day. Those parents just need to be slapped. Hard. We did go ahead and get the kids their own phone # here at the house. More for my benefit really. This way I don't have to answer the phone when I hear their ring. Ana is the only one that uses it really, Akira doesn't make many phone calls ...yet. And Eli is a 9 yr old boy. Ana gets about 7 calls every night. Same conversation with each friend it seems. What are you wearing tomorrow? Are you coming over this weekend? Mr. Ressler is sooo hard! Did you see so-and-so holding hands?!Her number rings way more often than ours, a sad example of how I do not have much of a life. Hoss thinks it is a new sport though. He loves torturing her when someone calls. If he makes it to the phone first he makes sure to answer in his most embarrassing accent and then carries on a conversation with her friends while Ana is jumping at him trying to get the phone before dad humiliates her totally. If by chance she does reach the phone first, Hoss promptly picks up another handset to be as annoying as possible. That's when I hear "Mom, make him stop!" Being able to torture and humiliate your children, ah, the joys of parenthood.