Nov 8, 2007

Simba the lion king

Dearest baby Shisler, we can't wait to meet you. Baby Shisler is due on July 14, 2008. July 14th. The day dad died. It makes me incrediby happy and incredibly sad. My mom thinks it is the perfect day to have a baby. It will make the anniversary easier to deal with. I disagree. I think. Wouldn't I always be sad on that day? This poor baby will have a complex! Mom- why are you always so sad on my birthday? Don't you love me?! Yeah, I can see it now. Therapy is too expensive, so wouldn't it be better just to have another birthday?
John says it makes sense. He says so many things happen that way. The circle of life or something like that. I think he saw the Lion King one too many times. When something ends, something always shows us the new beginning. A very close friend of John's got a long awaited kidney transplant the day before dad died. A new beginning. Good friends of mine had a baby on the same day. A new beginning. We are due to have a baby. A new beginning. I guess I see his point. Then again I just don't like it. I'm the mama, and if it's up to me I'll just hold her in until the 15! Or I'll go 4 wheeling on the 13th! I'll figure something out by then. In the meantime, the kids are super excited. Almost as excited as John. Have you ever seen a 6'7" man do a cartwheel? He is over the moon. Maybe a little too far gone actually. He said maybe I shouldn't go into work because I tend to get stressed out while I'm there. Soon, he'll be saying I shouldn't bother making dinner, or doing laundry or breathing in and out! OK, I'm exagerating, but not by much. He is totally enjoying this and I could get really spoiled during this incubation period! Stace & Lin say I should go with it. After all, it is a new experience for me too. Actually planning a pregnancy and for once being thrilled with the news. We've got a date for the adoption also. If anyone told me 3 years ago this would be my life today, I'd have thought you were completely insane!!

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