Nov 21, 2007

snow, snow, snow, snow

Whoohooo, it snowed! That makes me so happy. Although it has been nice still being able to wear capris and short sleeve shirts. The kids don't have school today and I'm determined to finish getting the house put together before they go back on Monday. Most everything is done, except there aren't pictures hung and one room still needs the trim painted. Other than that it's very liveable. I'm watching the kids play outside. They are all bundled in every piece of winter attire they own, and are acting as if we got a blizzard! Really quite sad actually. Maybe I'll get a good picture for this years Christmas card though. I refuse to be in it, someone may bust out a harpoon! I told Hoss the only way he'd get me in this years photo is if he photoshops me in and considering he asks for help everytime he checks his email, I don't think that is going to happen.

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