Jan 5, 2006

Happy New Year

I almost forgot to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope everyone had fun and was safe. After 5 years, Hoss and I actually got to ring in the New Year together for once. It was fun. I'm ready to take 2006 by the horns and wrestle this baby to the ground. Have set some goals, nothing with too high of expectations. I've already given up all my vices, so there isn't too much left. Unless of course anyone has some ideas, feel free to not weigh in. Here is the list:

1. This year I will read 5 more books then I did last year.
2. I will let down my guard, well maybe just lower it a little.
3. I will put laundry away as it is finished, no more digging through baskets.
4. I will take serious steps towards owning, not renting.
5. I will not go over my cell phone minutes.
6. I will be a better friend, no more hermit-ism.
7. I will continue to pray for my Dad's salvation.
8. I will volunteer less.
9. I will take a vacation.
10. I will get my Christmas cards out on time.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So letting down your gaurd definitely happened... hmmmm

Putting away laundry?? Is that one still on the list?? haha

Have you taken a vacation yet... wait... you did go camping. Check!

Christmas Cards... you definitely STILL have time to get those done too :)


p.s. DO NOT smack me the next time I see you :)