Jan 28, 2006

Elijah Bleu

6! My baby is 6. I feel as if he is leaving for college! If I close my eyes for just a tad too long, he will be gone. On the other hand, he still thinks he's going to marry his mommy when he grows up, so maybe I have a little more time. We didn't really have a party. I didn't feel like I had the energy to pull it off. Eli invited one friend, Ben, and we went to McDonald's. This was a bigger treat than it sounds, because usually if we go to McD's its only the drive thru and only the dollar menu. All the kids got Happy Meals and we sat inside and played for about two hours. The kids had fun, I left with a headache- signs of a good party! Mom flew into town that weekend so that was nice. Ben also had a birthday that weekend so we went to his party at Casa Bonita. It was the same day as the Bronco playoff game, so that was really fun, watching people steal glances at their watches. Had to get home in time for the game!!! If you ask Eli how old he is now, he will tell you "I'm almost 7!"

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