Jan 4, 2006

Ashes of my ex-husband

I absolutely can't stand it when I get mail at my house addressed to my ex! A small thing I know, but still, it bugs me. That man has never lived here. This is MY home that I have made since my life with him ended. These stinkin companies that throw all this bulk junk mail into any old mailbox, they need to stop sending it to mine. Hey, send me all the junk mail you want, I've invested in a shredder- but it better be addressed to me, me, me. Nothing pisses me off more than the very thought of that man. As Hoss tells me 'Better to be pissed off then pissed on'. I've been told it's because I haven't forgiven him. Not so. I just can't stand when the bad guy wins. Stupidity should be painful, if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

DAMN!! You tell it Monk!!! I think that pretty much sums up what we all think... from time to time ;)

Anonymous said...

Darling girl...I am getting mail sent to our dads house here in Michigan that is to my DEAD EX-HUSBAND. Now that really sucks! That wienie never lived here. Here is where I ran to excape the homicidal creep. May he rest in pieces. I mean peace. hee hee hee love stacey