May 17, 2011

Dreaming of The Huxtables

I've gotten behind on my blog challenge. That's because life sucks lately and I'm overwhelmed. Feel sorry for me, please.

Day 4- Your parents. Don't we all wish we had different parents then the ones we actually have? I did. At least as a kid I did. I'm cool with them now.

Here is a picture of the parents I wanted to raise me:

Aren't they just too cute?

I wanted these parents too:

Don't we all love them?

These parents are closer to the truth:

That's them!
Ok, I'm done.

Here they are for real.

My Dad!
He lives in Michigan.
He's a proud Papa.
He's a practical joker and proud of it. Nobody is safe.
We share a love of Nascar. Well mine is more of a 'like'.
He has an evil cackle laugh, I inherited it.
I blame him for my NCIS addiction.
I'm pretty sure he would do anything for my sister or I, "his girls".

My mom!
She lives in Florida.
She fulfilled a lifelong dream and became a flight attendant at 50. She never wants to retire.
She answers to Ma, Mama, Mom, Grandmaw, Grandmubber, Grandma and Ammaw.
She has the most recognizable laugh you'll ever hear. It was so embarrassing as a kid.
She likes to steal things from construction sites.
She's dances in grocery store aisles.
Finally after getting some space between us, we are friends.

My Dad!

He lives in Heaven.
He loved being a Grandpa.
He was really good at giving second chances.
Without him I would have failed high school math.
He invited strangers over for Thanksgiving dinner.
He thought Spam was it's own food group.
He was the best listener I've ever known. 
He bought groceries for people in need even though we were also in need.

That's them. The 'rents. I love them each so much!

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Mom said...

Well, I thought I posted a comment, but it left me mid through, I love you and thank the Lord hHe restored and reconciled our relationship. I am now sitting in DIA blubbering and sobbing like a baby over this page of yours. I am thankful you temper your truthful and transparent statements with love :) I love you and now wish I were waiting for a plane to PIT not MCO.
June 9th the Good Lord willing! I love you my Princess Monika Lynn!