May 10, 2011

Day 3- Your first love.

Mr. Huddleston. My first grade teacher, he was my first crush. Being in his classroom allowed me to escape the ugliness that was going on at home. He was the teacher that believed in the scrawny, shy, mute girl and made me believe I was special just because I was me. If I had a picture of him, I'm pretty sure there would be visible stars and hearts floating around his head. *swoon*

Hulk Hogan. I loved everything about him. Still do actually. I'll admit, we had a rough patch while he was doing his Hollywood Hulk Hogan thing, but we're back on solid ground now.

Bobby Joe. My first boyfriend, 6th grade. He was my next door neighbor. I learned to sneak out of the house because of him. His mom hated me.

Bryce Bryce Baby. Too cold, too cold! (Sing it to the Vanilla Ice tune) My jr high crush and high school boyfriend. First boy to buy me a gift, call me on my BS, show genuine emotion towards me. I learned many lessons while 'dating' him. Number one being don't forgo a friendship over a boy. The boy will leave, the girlfriend probably would have stayed.

Beavis. He was a butt-head, that's why we call him Beavis.

Sid the sloth. My first lesson in no matter how much you love him, it's not powerful enough to change him from being a %@*#! jerk. Took many years to find myself again after this one.  So many poor souls after him had to deal with my insecurities and fears because of what he made me believe about myself. He beat me down into a pile of nothing and it has taken years and years to learn he was wrong.

Taken Mother's Day 2011
 My kids. Oh man, my kids. Becoming a mom saved my life. The first time I knew I could love another person unconditionally. Forever and ever. Do I always like everything about them? No. Especially with the teenager trials we are currently dealing with. But I as long as I'm living, nothing can stop my love for them.


Hoss. Definitely a first for me. The first time I've learned that love is a choice. A choice to love another person regardless of their response. A daily choice sometimes. The first time I realized just how much power a woman can wield over her husband, it's best to use it for good. The first time I believed a man was worth stepping out on faith for. He's also the first man that fought for me when I did my usual retreat when things get too hard routine. He is my better half, tag team partner, partner in crime, my gentle giant, my hillbilly husband. We have such similar life stories, it's a wonder we were ever attracted to each other. We are opposites in almost every area of life which causes me many headaches. But he will also rub my head when I have a headache even after he worked a 16 hour day.

I love that man sitting on that poor tiny plastic cow.

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Tia said...

I'm not sure why but I am picturing Mr. Huddleston in brown corduroy pants. Did he wear brown corduroys?

Beavis--I named him that.

Sid--%*@$^*@!!!! jerk is right

poor cow.