May 9, 2011

Day 2 Meaning behind blog name.

 When starting a blog, the experts say to write about something you are an expert on. The only thing I consider myself an expert on is my family. There are other topics that interest me (nutrition, whole foods, thriftiness, cooking), experiences I've lived through (domestic violence, teen pregnancy, adultery, divorce to name just a few) that affect who I am today and why I do things the way I do or react to situations a certain way. I'm actually very hesitantly dipping my toe in the water so to speak and trying to write about some of these other topics. Slowly because it's scary. I feel safer writing about everyday, mundane things like me, myself, and I, my husband, and our kids and the things happen to all of us throughout the years.

It's a jungle in here- pretty self explanatory. My house is loud, chaotic, busy, full. It's nothing new to me. I grew up in a very loud, chaotic, busy, full household.

I remember the first time I visited with my husband and his family before we got married. After we left I asked him if everybody was mad at each other because it was so quiet. It seemed to me like nobody was talking to each other.

The first time he was at one of my family events (God bless him!) he thought the same thing. Was everybody mad at each other? Why is everybody yelling at each other? 'What yelling?' I thought. There was no yelling, we were just conversing. Loudly- it's the only way you will be heard above everyone else.

Our family has definitely taken after my own family dynamic rather than my husbands. Only when everyone is asleep is this house really truly quiet. I don't seem to notice it until we have house guests, or friends over and they may mention it. There is almost always something happening in our home. Some project to be finished, somewhere to be, someone needing something. We have 4 children, and 3 dogs. It's crowded and it's hectic. Because of my husbands job, I carry the majority of the load myself. I'm not complaining (at this precise moment anyway), it's just the way it is. I've been a SAHM since our youngest was born almost 3 years ago.  345-ish days out of the year I wish I was back at work. Being a SAHM is not my calling in life but we have committed to this decision until he starts school full time. I can neither confirm or deny if I have a countdown going for that day.

This is my little slice of the Internet and I get a kick out of being able to express my opinions and beliefs, stories and thoughts. It's not always pretty but it's us!

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Tia said...

So I'm wondering about ur hubs response the first time he saw us (me & you) actually mad at each other. The real yelling. Once you hear/see that you won't ever call our crazy typical family time yelling. ;)