Aug 22, 2007

Praise God!

Yahoooo! Kids are back in school, kids are back in school, kids are back in school!! Does that make me a bad parent that I am so excited that kids are back in school? Loved having the summer off with the kids (I think I worked about 40 hours all summer) but enough already! I'm pretty sure since about June 5th or so, the kids have been having a contest called "who can bicker the most and make mom and dad yell the loudest?!" Suddennly Ana is now convinced that her brother and sister were simply put on this earth to annoy her. She has much better things to do than be bothered now that she is a 6th grader! I love the girl more than anything but if she rolls her eyes at me or them one more time, I may have to kill her. Last year I could barely get her to brush her hair, now she is waking up 30 minutes earlier to 'style' it. Help.
First day back was today. The kids got to meet their teachers last night and unload their enormous bag of school supplies. Ana swears the has the meanest teacher in school, 'he is soooo strict mom, he never even smiles!" Akira is upset that her bff's are not at her table, and E is already surrounded by giggling girls. They better watch out for mama! I'd hate to have to open a can of whoop ass on those 7 year olds.


Anonymous said...

do u really think u could open a can of whoop ass on anybody? Don't you think John would have to help you open the can? Maybe just a little? heehee

Anonymous said...

agree with Stacey... those 7 year olds would be rolling in laughter from watching you attempt to open said 'can'.

Seriously though... I am SOO SORRY for you!! This is what you & Stace get for having strong, independant and BEAutiful children. lol