Aug 17, 2007

Boo Hoo

Boo Hoo,
So totally spur of the moment, the kids and I decided to drive to Michigan. Was packed and ready to go within an hour. So we picked up my sister and her kids and left. I just had to see my dad. And my grandma. Didn't really think about it until we were in Kearney Nebraska. This spur of the moment decision appears to have pissed off Hoss'crew. I know I did disrupt their routine by taking their wheels and making them all squish into my Grand Pixie but they did make it to the rig right? Perhaps I should show them the paperwork that shows MY name on the friggin car loan. Go fix your own vehicles, get your license back, and drive your own ass to the rig every hitch. Hoss says they will cool off. I guess I'm not fully understanding what they are so hot about? They don't seem to realize that Hoss' lifestyle has changed just a wee bit. He has always considered his friends his family, but now he has a different type of family to take care of. Yes, I 'm aware that you have so many memories with him, he is your boss, he is your brother, he is your friend, he is your drinking/smoking/party buddy but he is now my husband and a dad, a really great dad. There was no gun to his head when he decided to get married. There was no voodoo hex performed on him. According to him, he woke up one day, realized 'Holy Crap, I'm a grown up' and went down a different road. A road that led to me, thank God. To me. A chick with 3 kids (gasp!!) 3 kids who he has known for 6 years. 3 kids he would give his life for. 3 kids that worship him (and sometimes forget I am even in the room when he is around). When we first started dating (for the 3rd time) I sometimes wondered if he was dating me for me or for my kids. Oh- Grandma just showed up with fresh, homemade tortillas, gotta go! I'll just sum things up here...Boo Hoo, get over it!!!

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