Aug 25, 2007

Men are waffles, women are spaghetti

So we're at the cemetery tonight and I wanted to show John the kind of marker that mom is going to buy dad so we go walking. Did I mention it was dark out? Apparently somebody is getting buried tomorrow near dad's grave because all of a sudden John grabs Akira practically throwing her on the ground. I'm wondering what i.t.h. is he doing? There is an empty grave that has already been dug out and the only thing covering it is a piece of plywood and Akira was about to step right on it. Can you imagine how horrible that would be? She would have been completly traumatized! Gave me the creeps. Perhaps that is why you should really only visit the cemetery during daylight hours. John was worried that we were trespassing because the sign says trespassing if on property after 7pm, and I say they must not be that worried about it because they leave the gates open. Am I right? Oh, and I think the trip to Michigan might have done me some good, I'm functioning much better, sleeping longer and actually feel a little bit of healing when I visit Dad, instead of feeling depressed and wanting to crawl into a hole. I went to church tonight for the first time since dad died, excluding for his service. Didn't go to FCC, for some reason don't want to be in the place where I said goodbye to dad. I know that doesn't make much sense but it is just feels wrong. And of course the message was on marriage and differences between men and women and blah blah blah. Everything that I had experienced this past week w/ John and everything that I had felt was discussed. I'm pretty sure he slipped the pastor a note beforehand because it felt like there was a giant spotlight on me the entire time. Although John says he felt the same way so who knows? The mood in the house hasn't been helped by the fact that John is now on his 3rd day without any chew and I am pms-ing. A recipe for disaster. What is it with guys that chew? I think it is so disgusting yet I still marry guys who do it. He thinks he is doing quite well without it, I think he is a raging lunatic!The hole is still pretty inviting though.

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