Aug 31, 2007

Adieu Ben & Jerry

Well got the latest blood test back thyroid is now normal! Yipee, yahoo! Well normal as it can be after they fried it and all. I should say the fake thyroid hormone I take everyday is now doing what I pay it to do and tricking my body into thinking it has a thyroid. Are you jumping up and down like I was? Do you know what this means? This means I will start to lose the 30 pounds I gained in 1 year. I still have to work to lose the weight but now I'm not fighting those evil little hormone demons that think it's funny when you eat a rice cake and gain 2 pounds. Now it will be just like any other 30 yr old housewife with a secret choco stash. It didn't help either marrying a man that sees me crying on the scale and says "Don't cry. You're still about 10 pounds underweight. Here, go buy some more clothes." That is the point in which something heavy was chucked at his head. And yes I did take the shopping money and yes I did buy and the matching purse. At least if I ran into anybody I knew or an ex boyfriend or something I would have the cute accessories to distract from the weight gain. Although I'm pretty sure all my exes live out of state so I should be ok. That is my theory and nobody better blow it for me! Anyway- so I joined a dance class and my sister is going to sign up with me... This should be an adventure considering I haven't danced since I was 17 when life took over. Dancing at a club doesn't count because the many alcohol drinks consumed cancel out all the aerobic activity. I got so desperate at one point I looked up how many calories were burned during sex and that motivated me somewhat. Hee hee. (Chels if you're reading this, when you come back from throwing up, I want my shorts back because soon I will fit into them again.). Ahh, I can't wait till next summer. Maybe by then I can wear a swimsuit without fear of being harpooned.

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