Jan 1, 2010

Top 22 list why 2010 will kick 2009's butt!

1. I will look in the freezer before I go grocery shopping, no more buying items in triplicate.

2. I will listen to the hearts of my children during unemotional times. Find out who they really are and why.

3. I will no longer deny that Friday is my favorite day of the week because that's when the mailman delivers my People magazine. There is no shame here.

4. I will not adopt a dog this year. I can't allow the amount of 4 legged children I have out number my 2 legged kind.

5. I will get my photos off the computer and into photo albums. This will probably be a year long project but I'm up for the task.

6. Quit trying to win approval from that one elusive relationship. Nothing I do will ever be good enough so I will stop trying. I will enjoy the freedom that comes with this release.

7. Dust my ceiling fans more than 2x's per year.

8. Quit grumbling every time I buy clothes for my husband. It's not fair that I should pay more for a "little" extra fabric to cover his bigness and tallness. I've married a giant, it's a reality I've got to come to terms with.

9. Give in and buy a new T.V.- 1989 called, they want their boob-tube back. And while I'm at it I will also get rid of dial up internet service.

10. Take a family vacation. Even if that means I have to get on an airplane.

11. Not audibly* sigh every time someone says "Well, at least he makes good money" when I complain about my husband being gone so much with work. Really people, you have no clue. *This technically means I can still sigh inaudibly.

12. I will aggressively fight back and win the battle over my health. I will do everything possible to avoid a hysterectomy. I am putting away the welcome mat and posting an eviction notice- Shad, Rad, and Bennie (what I've affectionately named my tumors) you've got to go. Sorry boys but my uterus is no longer your humble abode.

13. I will write more. Make plans so that when Kiwi enters kindergarten, I will go back to school and pursue my passion of writing. If my mother-in-love can do it in her 60's then I can do it in my late twenties.

14. I will be a better neighbor. I bake cookies when someone shovels my walk or mows the lawn but when is the last time I invited them to church?

15. I will clip Kiwi's nails more often. Seriously, he's going to take an eye out.

16. I will call Kiwi by his given name more often. I don't think the boy knows his real name.

17. Quit trying to hide that I say "Dude!" and "Awesome" a lot. Be a proud child of the 80's/90's and let my freak flag fly a little higher this year.

18. Spend more time with my children individually. Really single them out and zone in on my favorite.

19. Cut my hair. I only keep it long because my husband likes it that way. New deal: when he quits chewing- I'll wear my hair long.

20. Find a theater group for E to join. Help my husband realize that our son is not going to be an all-star athlete, but he may just thank us in his award acceptance speech and buy us that dream home of ours.

21. Not 'venti' size anything this year.

22. Quit denying that I have a 2nd strong willed child in my life. Obviously God has more faith in my parenting abilities than I do because I am the proud mother of not 1 but 2 of these blessed little beasts.

Happy New Year!

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