Dec 29, 2009

Update on the tumas.

I'm 3 1/2 months pregnant. At least that's what I look like. The biopsy came back benign so my Dr is treating me for fibroids. I am so swollen it's driving me crazy. Pretty soon I'm going to have to start wearing my maternity clothes. I have been looking at some of the pictures of myself at Christmas and I really do look pregnant. I'm just waiting for somebody to say something. That will be a fun time. Scripture tells me to find the joy in every situation. Every feeling and emotion I'm dealing with Jesus has also felt. I must keep skipping over that passage where Jesus deals with the golf ball sized tumors in his uterus. The embarrassment of knowing people in my life are thinking I am just getting fat(er). I haven't told anyone except my sisters and my small group. I'm sure most people think I should just lay off the cookies already! I want to carry a sign that says "Yes I'm fat but here is why!" (I'm probably going to be struck by lightening today having just typed that bit about Jesus and his uterus. No sense in erasing it now, God knows I've already thought it.)

I do have a few options on how to deal with the fibroids. All medical procedures of course. I asked my Dr if there was any way to treat them naturally, she said no, my only options are the 3 procedures she listed and then looked at my as if to say "Stop being so silly!". Well I don't buy into that. So here is my plan: I'm going to see if changing my diet will have any affect on them. Even if they don't disappear totally, maybe they will at least shrink. I'm going to become a member of Disease Proof, Dr. Joel Fuhrman's website. He has so much information on that site that I believe in. He wrote the book Eat to Live, he writes that our bodies were created to heal themselves, cancer is a (mostly) preventable disease, people are killing themselves by living on the Standard American Diet. I'm going to a new Chiropractor and I believe she will also be able to help me avoid a hysterectomy. Hopefully this will work, I am going to give it 3 months and check back in with my GYN to see if there have been any changes in the size of the tumors. Although if my new approach does work like I have faith it will, I hope I'll be able to see for myself that they have shrunk, without needing an ultrasound. Lets pray 2010 will be a fibroid free year!


Tia said...

U go sistah! Don't forget take vitamin E & cut out the caffeine! No cheating...I saw that wild cherry pepsi today. It worked on the tumors in my boobs it should work on the ones in ur oohterus (as nevaeh calls it).

p.s. I think I peed a little at the Jesus uterus comment. Further proof the bible & all written/dictated in it was by MEN. Just sayin'

MonkeMama said...

I thought WCP was caffeine free! Can I still have rootbeer?! If I can't have rootbeer then nevermind. That hysterectomy is looking better and better.

Tia said...

well now I am question the wcp. check the label. & yes you can still have rootbeer. but the extra sugar is also not good for tumors known to increase cancerous tumors not sure about fibroids tho.