Apr 1, 2009

I am a Mixed Chick hopeful

I have never liked my hair. Never. It is so hard to take care of. My dad is mixed black and mexican. My mom is a redhead with freckles. I have naturally curly hair that is very course, kinky and tightly curled. And I have LOTS of it. I have tried so many styling products, I usually end up mixing a few together to get the best results. I don't like spending too much time on my hair mostly because I know the end result will mostly look the same. I just found out about a new hair product called Mixed Chicks. It looks very promising. So promising that I ordered some online today. I am hopeful after seeing some of the before and after pictures and reading a few of the tesimonials but of course that is on the company's website so who knows? It should arrive in about 1 week and I can't wait to try it.


Tia said...

U gotta let me know how this works out.

Tia said...

Hey how did this stuff work? I never heard from you. hint hint hint

MonkeMama said...

I am also a bad blogger. I loved it! Didn't you notice the 8 weeks or so that my hair looked good? I should reorder some. It'so pricey though.