Nov 25, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

Well, my plan for Thanksgiving didn't quite work out. I just wanted to stay in my p.j.'s, not shower, and watch some movies, maybe put up Christmas decorations. Heather and Angie invited me down to the Springs to celebrate with their family. Not really in the mood for other people lately, you know? I'm fast on my way to becoming a hermit. I love that family a lot, but it gets complicated. I didn't want to drive down there only to get the hairy eyeball from Hoss. One of these days he and I will finally work things out. But he has to be speaking to me for that to happen :) We ended up going to Mom and Dad's about 6:30. Had a nice time. Aunt Lin was there, yea!. We played Cranium and surprising my team lost. Hard. Very disappointing. So, I'm not that good at charades. Simone was there with her fiance and future brother-in-law, got to hear a little about their upcoming wedding. Dad seemed very happy to have her there, and hey- there was no bloodshed between anyone! Everyone gave 2 things we were each Thankful for. Anakin was thankful for Jesus and the Bible, Akira was thankful for her Mommy and her Daddy, and E was thankful for outer space and Emily. We watched Christmas with the Kranks, everybody laughed hysterically. I thought it was cute, but certainly not going to watch it again. My favorite holiday movie is Home for the Holidays. Really gets me prepped for the season. Can't wait to put up my Christmas lights. Going to put some outside this year. The kids want all blue, I'm not so sure about that. Much rather stick with plain old white lights. They are my favorite. They look just like twinkling stars, especially when they are covered in snow. I love staying up late, just looking at those lights. So peaceful.

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Stacey said...

Isn't "Home for the Holidays" everyone's favorite holiday movie? Come on...dumping the turkey on your sisters head. Classic. :) Hosing off your son on the front lawn. Sounds like a holiday to me. You are the only one who ttold me Simone was there. HMMMM wonder why it wasn't the first thing out of moms' mouth? lol