Nov 26, 2005

Teenage drivers

I fell asleep watching movies at my parents house the other night. The kids were all crashed, so I figured it was easier to just stay the night than to load all the sleeping banshees into the car. My eyes felt like sandpaper so I had to go home to get my contact lens case and stuff. Chelsey has her drivers permit so she drove. She has had it for a while now, but has just recently started driving with me. Am I that old? Please, don't answer that. I remember her just being born yesterday. A little frightening. She does really well, but it tends to bring out the control freak in me. I imagine it comes out in anyone riding as passenger with a teenager. Gotta love the airbrake! We've only had one slightly scary, life flashing before my eyes incident. I remember my mom teaching me to drive. After one lesson we both raced into the house only to shout in unison "I'll never drive with her again!" Dad did the remainder of driving lessons. I better have a significant other by time my kids are driving age, I don't think I can handle it alone. They are great backseat drivers already, imagine them with a permit. More gray hairs - fun!

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