Nov 20, 2005

A Bakers' Dozen

Heather invited me to a cookie exchange. My first one, I've finally arrived. It does make me wonder though...Does she know me at all? I can't bake. I CAN'T BAKE. I have to bake 5 dozen cookies and take 20 copies of the recipe with me to this event. After a frantic phone call to Stacey,(and the explanation of the difference between Cream of Tartar and Tartar Sauce) I've got the confidence to do this. Just the girls and I are going so I let E help me with the baking tonight. He doesn't understand why it's a girls only get-together. I don't understand either. All the men in our lives will help eat the cookies, why shouldn't they help exchange the cookies? I'm supposed to share why I chose this special recipe. Should I say I chose it simply because I had all the ingredients already in my cupboards? Great, my first exchange and I'm going to be kicked out. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

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Stacey said...

Hee the cookies turned out ok little sis? You should know that dad is telling everybody he can about this one. Our entire family is now jabbering away (in spanish of course) about you cuz we got together last Saturday for Thanksgiving dinner and I am sure he told 1 or 2 people. hee heee hee. love stacey