Apr 2, 2011

To friend or not to friend?

I received a Facebook friend request from someone I went to high school with. Why on earth would this chica request me as a friend? She hated me. For no good reason either, simply because we liked the same boy. We all know boys can be what it's all about during the high school years.  So now I'm left with the question, do I accept the friend request or not? I solve many of life's dilemas with a good old pros and cons list. Join me won't you?

Pros to being a FB friend with mean little chica from high school:
1. Forgiveness. I didn't know there was anything to forgive until the second I saw her name on my computer screen. I was instantly taken back to 9th grade and remembered how mean she was. Not just to me, just mean in general. Now that I've lived a few years in the real world I realize she was most likely unhappy and being mean to others is how she dealt with it.

2. Selfish vindication. She always made fun of me for being too skinny. I had knobby knees, no hips, skinny legs, and big feet. Little did she know I was dealing with an eating disorder to cope with my own messed up life. Obviously I've conquered that issue.  I've got some great big Mexican birthing hips now, knees no longer knobby and my legs are one of my favorite features. Big feet, yeah I still have those. With my size 9's I should be 6 feet tall. Being the immature human that I am though, I want to see pictures of what she looks like today. Maybe she's bald. Or didn't age well. Or was finally knocked out by someone, lost 3 teeth in the fight and never got around to fixing them. I know, I'm horrible. I almost didn't type that paragraph, but then figured God already knows I thought it, may as well share it with others.

3. Second chances. I'm all about them. Maybe she left all that nastiness behind on graduation day.

Cons to being FB friends with mean little chica from high school:

1. I try to practice what I preach. I tell my daughter not to friend everyone she's ever said 'hi' to. She doesn't listen to me, but still I preach it. She has over 300 FB friends, she hardly knows some of them. I think it's all about the numbers to her. She'll learn. I try to only FB friends with people I know in real life, people I would want to hang out with, people I do hang out with, people I don't mind knowing how my twisted little mind works. People I like. People who know me but love me anyway. People I have dirt on.

2.*Gasp* What if she only wants to be friends with me to see if I am bald? If I am not aging well? If I'm missing 3 teeth? Oh crap.

3. I don't wanna.

4. You can't make me.

Well that settles it. The cons outweigh the pros. Decision made. Mean little chica from high school misses out on my witty and charming little slice of the social network.

Have you ever been in this situation? Did you react more maturely than I did? Do you accept every request you get?

*I was going to include some pics of me in high school but my gosh darn scanner is on the fritz. I swear. This is what I remember looking like though:

Yep, that looks about right.


Merely Me said...

I'd accept her and then block her from seeing any of your profile... hehe... but then I'm evil like that - lol.

Tia said...

ARE YOU INSANE!?! You were freaking gorgeous in high school (if we skip the orange hair flipped over to the side phase). Every one of my guys friends wanted to ask out my little sister.

Your comment about coping with the messed up life made me laugh out loud. You chose not to eat and I chose to dress like Eddie Vedder before he made grunge cool. :D

I don't friend everyone for the same reasons. Screw 'em. I prefer to be FB friends with my actual friends (and the ex-in-laws but thats only so I don't have to spend postage to send them current pics of the kids).

oh. one more thing. you HAVE to tell me who the chica is. I am dying to know.