Apr 6, 2011

Stuff that went in my belly this week.

Based on the pictures I took this week it would appear I don't eat breakfast. I do but my brain is in an I don't do mornings fog until about 2 every afternoon so I'm just not thinking clearly enough to remember to take pictures. Just know there is a mug of Good Earth tea and a Greek yogurt being had almost every morning.

About 27 avocados. I was seriously craving them this week.


Which was turned into Panko breaded baked zucchini sticks.
My husband liked the breaded zucchini but did mention more than once that it wasn't crispy enough, which is Hoss speak for "These should be fried."

A made by my husband green pepper omelet with avocado and hot sauce.

 This was so good and I was so hungry that the omelet was half gone before I took a picture.

Tall Tai Chi latte.

Green peppers, black beans, corn sauté

Which was made into a ground turkey, quinoa casserole again topped with avocado.
Yet again I ate both my servings so fast there was no time for a picture. This is a picture of my daughters bowl.

Homemade not quite my Grandma Juanita's but still good tortillas.  

These 2 good looking fellas helped make the tortillas.

Flauta, black beans, rice with homemade soy free soy sauce.
Nothing spectacular this week. Besides the one Sbux my husband brought home for me, I drank only water. It's clean, it's cold, now that's what I call high quality H2O! (name that movie)

Even though all her food looks like art and my camera won't even focus lately, I'm sending this post over to 


Jennifer said...

Can't stop gawking at the black beans! omg yummm!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Tia said...

I see grandma's bowl. :) Those flautas look pretty good.

Jennifer said...

you totally need a twitter account so we can chat more! I'm so excited you are making them! I keep getting BEGGED by the marines my husband works with to make them and bring them in. but I'm being a brat and waiting for mix, chocolate chips and pumpkin to be on sale =) thennnn i'll make them again! haha.

you've got to take a photo and let me know what ya think! =) I'm going to add a series to my blog featuring my bffs making p&c recipes =) yay!