Mar 19, 2011


"You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends but you can't pick your friends nose."

Have you ever heard that saying before? It's so true. Most people abide by that way of thinking. But we like to do things a little differently around these parts. For example:

AnaBanana was lined up and ready to run in her first ever high school track event when an official noticed her nose ring and told her she had to take it out or be disqualified. She tried and couldn't get it out so a friend of hers that was about to run in the same race jumped in and fingers in the nostril and everything, got that sucker out! Then they both kind of looked around like "Now what do we do with it?" Another friend that was standing on the field took it and said he'd hold the nose ring until Ana was done running.

It wasn' t the most appealing thing to witness from the stands and I'm sure the school photographer wasn't rushing to get that shot for the yearbook but it did warm this Mama's heart. I'm twisted that way. I told Ana afterward that I hope she realizes anyone who would do that is a life long friend! Imagine them in 20 years - "Remember the time I picked your nose?! Good times!"

Personally, I question the young boys motive but that's just me. I'm sure he would do that for any of his other guy friends. Right?

Go Ana, GO!

This is the only picture I got of the entire meet. I worked the concession stand and during this race the starting line was right in front of me.

Right after this photo was taken, that cute little blond boy jumped about a foot in the air when the starter gun went off. Heehee.


Tia said...

So my only question is this. Why can't she wear a nose ring? That rule makes no sense whatsoever.

That is all.

Jennifer said...

omg LOL!

Girl totally make the tofu french toast! Cut it a little thinner than you see in the photo and it tasted exactly like crusty golden bread!!! =) so delish! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons