Dec 16, 2005

Kaiser P- My hero

I have health insurance, I have health insurance! I feel like singing that from the rooftop. I haven't had coverage since E was born and it feels so good. Apparently it came at just the right time. I had some blood work done and some of the lab results came back not exactly picture perfect. A couple of #'s were lower than should be. I've gone in 3 different times now to give blood and quite frankly I feel like I don't have any more blood to give- I suspect my doctor is some type of undercover vampire. So I'm being sent to the Radiology department next week to have an MRI done on my thyroid. What exactly is a thyroid and is this what my vampire doctor is trying to get at? But- I can strut right into that Radiology dept and whip out that pretty little insurance card. I love my job that gives me health insurance. I love that I am overall healthy, and I love that I can Google "Thyroid" and get the answers I am looking for.

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